Blogging Begins!

I had been thinking of creating a new blog since I got pregnant so I can share my stories/experiences to everyone and receive tips as well. But time flew so fast that I barely had the time to create one. I was swamped with my business idea that it prevented me from creating this blog since I was contemplating on the branding that needs to have brand recall for both the business name and the blog name so instead of starting already, I took a step back.

So why start now? I guess I gave in to the voice inside my head telling me to write about my recent purchase, the contest I recently joined in or even the preparations I am doing for my son’s baptism and birthday party. So finally, this is it. I have to start somewhere – here.  Even if it’s not a perfect article, eventually my writing skills will improve and I’ll get a hang of this. The very reason I want to have a blog is to be able to share my experiences, it can be from my pregnancy, my breastfeeding journey, about work, and most especially my tipid tips. A lot of my friends commend me for always having a knack for promos and discounts – so why not share it right? I guess this also explains my blog name, ecomommical – a mommy trying to be economical in everything she does!

Stay tuned to my future posts!  I aim to write at least an article a week, if not maybe twice a month to give tips, experiences, inspirations!

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