Baby Photoshoot : Ethan @ 1 Weeks

Baby Photoshoots can be very costly. I remember trying to find a reasonably priced baby photographer but it costs too much for me! Prices range from 10k-20+K for 1-2 hours session and similar to the Maternity Shoot, you only get selected photos. Some have additional costs for styling and props.

So again, since I wanted to save some money, and at 1 week I still couldn’t move that much due to my CS stitches, we decided to have a DIY home photoshoot for our baby.

So again, here’s the top things I prepared:

  1. Pegs – Pinterest is key! I pinned all my pegs and showed it to my husband.
  2. Backdrop – it is very important to have a neat backdrop for the photoshoot. For us, we used the back side of baby’s sort of fleece blanket. And our room is painted white also so we just used that as well.
  3. Lighting – very important to have good lighting. during the shoot, we didn’t have a good one so we weren’t able to take a lot of good photos. You can use black and white to hide away flaws as needed, plus it gives some effect on the picture.
  4. Assistant – since I was still recovering, we need an additional help for the photoshoot. I asked my sister to help us out since we also wanted to get some family shots.
  5. Prepare Baby – Babies are very unpredictable so better prepare to avoid unnecessary setbacks. For instance, time your photoshoot during his naps. Make sure he’s fed so he doesn’t go fussy and irritated. A sleeping baby is a default in baby shoots because it gives the photographers the liberty to position the baby. But if your baby is up for it, you can also shoot while he is awake for some variety.
  6. Props – if you have crocheted costumes, then that can also make the pictures better. For us, we weren’t able to prepare much so we just used whatever he had at that time.

All in all, I am 3.5 out of 5 happy on the outcome. We were not able to get a lot of good shots as baby’s skin was getting irritated at the blanket, I also felt ugly on those shots as I cannot put make up yet (I was doing Ge-Lai) so I can only do so much. Also, after the shoot, my wound bled 0_0 probably because of moving too much. We were also restricted on the positions as we did not want baby to wake up.

So, I would suggest this is you really do not have budget and just want to keep some memories for baby. But if you have money to spare, I would recommend having this documented by a professional so it can be hassle free for you and your partner. I have an upcoming review on the Picture Company so stay tuned!

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