Malls with nice BF stations and Family Rooms

As a breastfeeding mom, I make sure to breastfeed my son directly during weekends and it is very important to me to have a nice environment where I can BF my baby when outside of our house – which is normally in malls. So for the past months, I’ve been in several malls and have tried their family room/BF stations.

Criteria : 1-5 5 being the highest


Comfort (temperature, seats)


SM AURA -we are normally here in this mall since it is near us but unfortunately, their family room is under construction since I gave birth – will update once it’s done, better be worth the wait! It is to be located at Level 4 same floor as food court beside Astroplus. They have a temporary station in their clinic at the back of Hypermarket. You have to go through the Japan Home part of Hypermart, then pass through their stockroom before reaching their clinic. Their clinic is so small, it has a bed and a desk with chair and cabinets with an old vintage smell. When we went there, there was someone else breastfeeding so I just sat on the chair and did our thing while the nurse on duty is there watching. If I had known this before, I should have just breastfed my son in public.

So for their temporary BF room

Cleanliness : 2 It feels old inside and a bit kulob.

Comfort : 2 since you have to go up the bed and if someone is using it, you just use a normal chair and not much space to move around.

Privacy : 3 – since there’s a curtain for the bed

Total Score : 2.33

*sorry no pics as I was shocked when they escorted me to the room

Glorietta 4 – this is the second mall we often go to and because it is an Ayala mall, I have high expectations, unfortunately, they don’t bother renovating it. There’s 2 separate cubicles for breastfeeding, each having it’s own sofa seat, stool, pillow and power socket. The breastfeeding station is in the 3rd floor near Rustan’s entrance – same floor as the food court. The changing station is inside the Ladies’ Room.

Cleanliness : 3 the area is clean but I am giving it just 2 because it is beside the CR.

Comfort : 3 the chair and stool is comfy with cushion pillow also. However, there’s no ventilation inside the room so it can be really hot and not comfy for the baby.

Privacy : 4 individual cubicles available with curtains. I am giving it 4 only because the curtains can’t be closed well so people moving in and out of the CR can peep inside, including guys sitting at the nearby bench.

Total Score : 3.33

Sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture too, but here’s a blogpost from a fellow mom, please note that now they changed the wallpaper and have ads as picture frame.

Estancia Mall – located at the 2nd floor they have a family room. We were there for a very short time so I didn’t notice what was there :p

Shangri-la Mall – I went and used 2 stations, one from the new wing near the elevator (Children’s floor) and the other one in the old wing near Furniture Republic.

Cleanliness : 5 Area is pretty clean and well managed for both stations.

Comfort : 3 In the older wing, it was too cold for me while it was a bit hot for the new wing.

Privacy : 2 No privacy at all. In the older wing, you can easily be seen when you open the door. For the new wing, at least they have a concierge table first before going in.

Total Score : 3.3

These pics are from the old wing, the new wing’s station is darker, with spotlights, it also comes with a ref, microwave and water heater. Instead of individual chairs, it has a 3-4 seater sofa with a bigger center table. The changing stations are nearer to the entrance with dividers.


UPTOWN mall BGC – there’s a mom’s corner in the 2nd floor near the restrooms, it’s a room with chair and table for 1.  Then there’s the VIP lounge in the 3rd floor near the cinemas which also houses the breastfeeding area where there’s a diaper station as well.  I was only able to go to the lounge so that’s the only room I will review.

Cleanliness : 5 Area is pretty clean and well managed, or maybe because it is new ?

Comfort : 3 the VIP lounge is big, however, when you go inside the actual breastfeeding station, you’ll see there’s actually only 1 sofa for breastfeeding with curtains and the diaper changing table is beside that chair. It seems it wasn’t designed well because other moms who want to change diapers won’t be able to do so if there’s someone breastfeeding.  There’s some stools in the room near the sink which other moms can use also. One thing I noticed is that the ventilation is not okay, it was hot inside, colder in the lounge area. So I breastfed my baby in the open instead.

Privacy : 4 there’s a room inside the lounge for breastfeeding. Minus 1 point because there’s only 1 curtained area for breastfeeding.

Total Score : 4


BGC Central Square 2nd floor – to follow, I just took a peek but did not really use it.

BGC ampitheatre – By far the best I’ve been to! very spacious and private at the same time. Once you enter the Family lounge, you will see a receptionist and sofa with television. At the far end is a kiddie play area, further inside, there’s the rest rooms, then some steps ahead is the breastfeeding and diaper changing area. There are 3 diaper changing pads and a sink. For the breastfeeding cubicle, there are 3 also with curtains and big glass walls. There’s a big sofa, stools and even table lamp.

Cleanliness : 5 Area is pretty clean, with trash bins under the changing area with cabinets.

Comfort : 5 very spacious, aircon is just right, area is quiet just purely breastfeeding moms!

Privacy : 5 the breastfeeding cubicles are nicely separated by curtains, the area itself is the farthest from the lounge door, it’s sort of in an inner room as there’s a small hallway going to the breastfeeding area.

Total Score : 5

Mothercare BGC – this is my go to changing station when in High Street because most establishments do not have changing stations or breastfeeding stations.  The room is beside the CR and across the fitting room. They even have a sterilizer! They have a sink and 2 changing stations with Glass wall and a 2-3 seater sofa with pillows.

Cleanliness : 5 Area is pretty clean, with trash bins under the changing area with cabinets.

Comfort : 4 not sure if there’s a vent for the aircon but I couldn’t feel cold air in the room.

Privacy : 4 There’s no divider for breastfeeding, you will all have the couch to sit in. But the door of the whole room can be locked which will be a bit selfish if you do that!

Total Score : 4.33

SM Makati – at the ladies under garments section, they have a breastfeeding lounge and changing area. I think they were also creating one in the children’s section but when we went there it’s not yet available. The breastfeeding lounge had a sofa which I assume is for your companion while waiting. They have a sink beside the changing area and a very big mirror. The actual breastfeeding area is separated by curtains, if I am not mistaken there are 2 cubicles with big sofa and pillows. It is very spacious also. Aircon though is not controlled, sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold.

Cleanliness : 5 Area is pretty clean, with trash bins under the changing area with cabinets.

Comfort : 4.5 Big sofa and pillows are a plus! However it’s not perfect 5 because of the airconditioning issue.

Privacy : 4.5 The cubicle itself is ok however the breastfeeding station’s door is frosted glass so people going to the CR nearby can actually see a little bit of the inside, the janitors are also just outside so they can easily see people inside.

Total Score : 4.67


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