Start of My Breastfeeding Journey

So, before I gave birth, I did read out several sites on what to expect and what to do for myself, for the baby, etc. But one thing I swore by is to make sure  I breastfeed my baby until the time he weans by himself.

I’ve read that even before you give birth, it’s helpful to already take in supplements like malunggay to boost your supply. Some gifted moms even get milk even before they give birth. For me, my body was still the usual. I took mega malunggay 2-3 times a day to prepare my body to give enough for my baby. I was hoping for a normal delivery but unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned so I had a CS. I heard/read that somehow, having normal delivery would signal your body to produce milk immediately after giving birth. So it might have some delays for CS moms like me.

When they took Ethan out from me, they cleaned him , put him on a blanket/cloth before they gave him to me for the “unang yakap”, I didn’t realize it until late that it wasn’t Skin to Skin anymore and I specified that in my birth plan! I will definitely remember next time. Anyways, they let Ethan suck for a couple of seconds before they took him out and cleaned me up.

While in the recovery room, Ethan cried while I was shivering so they put him towards me to try feeding for a short while.  I wasn’t really in control of my body yet at that time. So I think my actual breastfeeding journal only started inside the room when I was more in control, I cuddled Ethan and let him feed. I was in the hospital for 4 days and Ethan seemed to not stop sucking until he falls asleep, there was even a time when he stopped sucking already and when I removed my nipples, he started looking for it again. For those 4 days in the hospital, I didn’t feel any changes in my body specifically in my breasts, I had some nurses, doctors, lactation consultants coming in the room and I kept asking how should I breastfeed correctly. They were all saying that my Ethan sucks really well, but I really had doubts. It was getting very painful and I even had to purchase a nipple shield while still at the hospital but it made it even painful!

When we got home, it was still like that, Ethan keeps on sucking until he falls asleep. I didn’t know if I am making enough milk as he was directly breastfeeding. Although all of the seminars I’ve been to says our body makes milk enough for our babies, I still couldn’t help but doubt myself. So, even though they said that I shouldn’t pump, I tried to pump to see how much I was producing, and it did not even reach an ounce!  As per the guideline, at day 3 or more, the milk should now be around 0.8-1oz and mine was very very little as in it was like 0.1 oz! Now I know! After 2-3 days I felt engorged breasts, I was very happy to know that now, my body is producing more milk! It was heavy yes, and I did experience overflowing of milk while my baby was feeding. So yes, I think somehow, pumping helped stimulated my milk supply! Here I used my sister’s hand me down Medela Pump in Style Advance.

first pump at day 4 after giving birth

Will write another article on how I was able to build my stash and what tools I use!

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