About Me

Me as an IT Service Management professional – I’ve been in the corporate world for almost a decade now! Unlike most IT professionals, I’ve never left my first job (actually, it was also my internship company back in college). Suffice it to say, I never found enough reason to move to another company or maybe too scared to start anew haha! My main motivation at work before is Rewards and Recognition, so as long as I receive the proper compensation and recognition I deserve, I will give it my best. I consider myself as a techno func type of person, I can debug and understand technical details but I also know business processes and for my line of work, that’s a plus! I also like to be challenged at work so yes, I can say I am a performer.

Me as a first time mom – I am a hands on mom and proudly breastfeeding mom. I gave birth via CS just last March 2018 to a healthy baby boy. Our initial plan was normal delivery but I wasn’t dilating enough and the pain was just intolerable to the point my baby’s heartbeat wasn’t detected for a couple of seconds so yes, we decided to have CS instead. My goal is to breastfeed until at least my baby is 1 year old but let’s see how it goes. As a mom, at first I told myself I won’t be an overprotective mom, I won’t put lotions and very expensive hypo-allergenic products to my baby; I won’t use special detergents/dishwashing soap for his bottles/toys/garments; I won’t buy super expensive stuffs just for him to outgrow. But I ate my word for most parts, I still don’t buy super expensive stuffs, but I do use baby safe detergents, dishwashing liquid; and I use Cetaphil for my baby’s dry skin. It is really different when you are already at the moment and you just want the best for your baby and this is one of the reasons I want to create this blog.  I want to share tips on how to save money, take advantage of promos so we can spend on the more important things and of course, share my own share of momstories!