A DIY Maternity Shoot

When I got pregnant, I told my husband I wanted a maternity shoot but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for it. I tried researching for a studio or a professional photographer doing Maternity Shoots that’s low cost but I failed! It is either it is too expensive or price is okay but you will have to pay for every file. I got a bit big during my pregnancy so I was not feeling my best, so a maternity shoot for me was really what I need to feel better about my body and appearance. So since my husband is into photography, we did DIY shoot at home. I had my hair curled by David’s salon and did my own make up, bought some flower crowns from Market Market and saved pins from Pinterest for my pegs.

Some tips for having DIY shoot:

  1. Peg – Have a peg 2-3 pegs will be enough since it will be very tiring for a pregnant woman to have a very long shoot.  For those 2-3 pegs, you can have several poses already.
  2. Styling – for hair and make up, it’s up to you if you want to do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you. It is very important to feel beautiful so you can be confident on your photos and reflect it in the output. For me, getting curls (temporary) is a very good option to instantly look good, you can use hats and crowns also.For the props, keep it simple, just a little accent will do. The flower crowns from Market Market cost 100Php each only. You can also use anything from your home as props to avoid costs.
  3. Attire : safe color for the attire is black and white. For me, I don’t look well in whites so most of my pics are in black. I initially planned to order a dress/gown online but found it too expensive so I used what I have at home: maternity Bra and cyclings!
  4. Venue – for us it was our home, we used our bed and covered it with our white comforter for the “hotel” feel. We also used the other room with grey wall for a different background.  If you feel that the picture doesn’t look good, use black and white or sepia, it changes everything!

Voila! here are some of our shots! I love what we were able to do in the shots, it was just the 2 of us in this shoot with me heavily pregnant 🙂 some of my friends even thought we hired a professional photographer for the shoot!

Blogging Begins!

I had been thinking of creating a new blog since I got pregnant so I can share my stories/experiences to everyone and receive tips as well. But time flew so fast that I barely had the time to create one. I was swamped with my business idea that it prevented me from creating this blog since I was contemplating on the branding that needs to have brand recall for both the business name and the blog name so instead of starting already, I took a step back.

So why start now? I guess I gave in to the voice inside my head telling me to write about my recent purchase, the contest I recently joined in or even the preparations I am doing for my son’s baptism and birthday party. So finally, this is it. I have to start somewhere – here.  Even if it’s not a perfect article, eventually my writing skills will improve and I’ll get a hang of this. The very reason I want to have a blog is to be able to share my experiences, it can be from my pregnancy, my breastfeeding journey, about work, and most especially my tipid tips. A lot of my friends commend me for always having a knack for promos and discounts – so why not share it right? I guess this also explains my blog name, ecomommical – a mommy trying to be economical in everything she does!

Stay tuned to my future posts!  I aim to write at least an article a week, if not maybe twice a month to give tips, experiences, inspirations!